ODOURFIX Is a water soluble organic based product which will not harm the environment.

ODOURFIX Is used to eradicate foul odours like hydrogen sulphate (rotten egg smell) in waste bins, the work place, pit latrines, spilt sewerage and in non-functioning aeration plants at sewerage works.

 It is “Safe to Nature” as it’s primary function is to provide oxygen for the microorganisms in the Terrafix soil remediation process quickly., providing extra nutrients to the soil and 


Its secondary function is to oxidize and reduce the COD levels present in water.

Its tertiary function is to rapidly control gaseous states, especially Hydrogen Sulphide [H²S], in the following applications. but not limited to:

1.  Rendering plants [red meat and chicken   abattoirs] in the  steam cookers, sludge,   grease and fat traps and conveyor belts.

2.  Leachate cells [municipal solid waste dumps].

3.  Chicken farms [mortality pits].

4.  Cold room storage facilities.

5.  Fisheries

6. Wastewater Treatment works

7.Tanneries (Eradicates Odour-Has no effect on product)


odourfix label 1
Odourfix sheet