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Donate Sanitary Towels to Keep a Girl Child in School

For less than R20 a month You can make a difference

Our research states that various informal settlement areas displayed a clear sign that there is very little to no hygiene and menstruation education provided to women from an early age. All across the African continent and countries worldwide Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) is one of the critical challenges adolescent girls face. Poor MHM in most of urban and rural primary schools of has been shown to cause adolescent girls: * Worry and humiliation * Monthly absenteeism (3-7 days) which results in poor performance in schools (study by a local NGO). * Lack of sanitary pads due to affordability and accessibility * Poor protection when using latrines, if any available. *Inadequate washing facilities may increase susceptibility to infection Menstruation is seen as taboo by many communities We aim to eradicate the stigma that young women have to experience daily when it comes to menstruation and assertiveness of femininity. Through working together with already established peer to peer organisation we aim to provide workshops that will empower young minds to be able to deal with adversities in a positive manner

Belladonna is a school of etiquette which prides itself in being well positioned within the community of international finishing schools.

The concept of this type of business has been in operation for years and is widely recognized as being traditionally from Switzerland.


The personal and business protocol  training that Belladonna provides, serves as a subjective approach that strives to empower individuals, through building necessary and desired skill sets.

A confident and courteous person empowers those around them to feel comfortable and accepted.


Our vision is to instill these qualities in each and every individual we train.

Bella Sunshine Project

Jaded Outreach strives to create a platform for young girls and or encourage them to participate in various skills training classes and workshops that are being offered by Bella Donna Finishing School, in the Eastern Cape and similar Peer to Peer Mentoring organisations such as the Rise Young Women’s Clubs.

One of the main resolutions of the project is to sponsor personal developments courses, which include Family Planning and Women’s Health and Well-being workshops, to underprivileged young girls between the ages of 8 and 21 years old.


Our Bella Sunshine project incorporates Family Planning and with the assistance of a female Health facilitator :

1.Arrange consultations with women’s groups to identify their privacy, security and hygiene needs. Inform women the need to use clean cloths during menstruation.
2.Provide access to Reusable  and or Biodegradable Sanitary Pads. Thereafter Identify and demarcate private areas for women to wash and dry their menstrual cloths. Cloths need to be washed with soap and dried in the sun.
3.Work with the women to identify methods (and areas) for proper disposal of sanitary pads if used. Used sanitary pads may be disposed by burning and or burial in a demarcated area.
4.Ensure toilet design is appropriate for men and women, and that the specific needs of pregnant women are not overlooked.
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